Frequently Asked Questions

Are reservations required?

Reservations are required for the Aerial Challenge Course and Zip Line tours. Reservations are by time slot and fill up quickly. Purchase your passes online to reserve or give us a call at 866-376-3907.

Reservation times are only available during operating hours. If the only option is “OTHER,” please do not attempt to purchase. Rather, give us a call to discuss the options of opening an additional tour during operating hours or accommodating something outside of our operating hours. A minimum of 4 participants are required and discounts do not apply for accommodations outside of operating hours.

Passes for all other features can be purchased on site and do not sell out.

Groups of 20 or more, Birthday Parties and for Team Building Events, reservations are required. To make a group reservation, contact our Group Sales Manager. 800-955-2754 x6321

Where do I get my tickets?
Tickets can be purchased at the Adventure Center Ticket Counter. If you have made a reservation, you will check in here by name and your passes will be printed accordingly. If you have a voucher, you will redeem that at the ticket counter in exchange for the appropriate passes.

Do I need to sign a waiver?
Yes, an acknowledgement of risk is required for all participants for each visit. You are welcome to print your form and bring it with you. Minors require a signature from a parent/guardian. Please complete these waivers before proceeding to the ticket counter to help expedite check-ins.

Are children under 18 allowed to participate without a parent?
Provided children meet ride requirements, they may participate alone on all features. For children under 12, a parent/guardian must stay on site & may need to accompany a child on the Mountain Coaster, depending on the child’s height. A parent/guardian must ride with a child on the Mountain Coaster if they are 6 yrs old or younger. For children 12-17, a Parent/Guardian must complete the Assumption of Risk form and must speak with a supervisor or manager before departing to ensure ride regulations are met & must provide contact info in case any issues arise.

What is the time duration of a ticket?
“Day” or “Unlimited” Passes are valid for a single day from open to close

Can I use a pass for some of the day & give it to someone else for the remainder?
No, passes are non-transferable.

I am pregnant/ recently had surgery/ have back problems/ senior citizen/ other, can I participate?
It is not recommended for women who are pregnant, individuals who have orthopedic concerns, or have undergone a recent surgery to participate in any of the activities.

We regularly host our elderly friends on the Mountain Coaster, Zip Line Tours, and on the High Ropes Challenge course. If you have any questions/concerns please feel free to give us a call directly at 866-376-3907!

How fast is the Mountain Coaster? Are there large drops?
Speed can be controlled with a hand brake but for adrenaline seekers going full-board, the top speed is around 30 mph! There are no big drops or upside down loops as with other roller coasters. There is still plenty of thrill as you twist and turn through the forest!

How high are the ziplines? How fast to they go?
The highest point is about 65 feet off the ground. Speed is dependent on temperature, wind resistance & participant weight. The highest speed clocked is about 40 mph!

Why do Zip Line Tours take 2 hours?
Zip Line Tours begin with “gear up” as a group on the 2nd floor inside the main building. Guides review safety rules with the group on the deck of the 1st Zip Line. The sending guide(s) will clip participants in to fly two at a time, one on each line of the dual line set up. The receiving guide(s) will unclip participants at the end of each line. Once the entire group has completed the 1st line, they will all proceed as a group onto the subsequent lines.

Although tours are not guaranteed to take 2 hours, guests should anticipate all tours will take the full time allotment as a full tour certainly will. In addition, any available tickets for a given time slot can be purchased right up until the time a tour departs.

Why does the Ropes Course take 2 hours?
All participants go through “ground school” where they are fit with harnesses, helmet & gear. They are taught how to use the equipment in this mini ground course so they can navigate the Aerial course at their own pace. Ground School takes about 30 min.

Once on course, the length of time to complete depends on the amount of guests on course and the pace of the participant. The course is made of small circuits, allowing anyone to stop after completion of any circuit. If a participant does not meet to height & age requirements to advance to higher tiers, they are welcome to repeat a circuit on a lower tier until the reach the end of the 2 hour allotment.

Can I bring food or alcohol in?
We do not allow outside food and beverage inside the building other than a water bottle. You are welcome to picnic/tailgate outdoors. We do have a vending machine, and offer some “grab & go” snack items as well as bottled & fountain drinks for purchase. We do sell beer & wine as well. ID required.

What clothing/footwear should I wear?
Wear comfortable clothing that does not allow anything to hang or become entangled in cables and mechanical components. Closed toe shoes are required for the Zip Line & Aerial Ropes Course; sneakers or hiking shoes are recommended. Crocs are not accepted as closed toe footwear. Some sport sandals are permitted but will need to be assessed. Flip-flops and sandals are permitted on the Mountain Coaster but closed toe shoes are always recommended. Long hair should be tied back; for helmet fitting, hair should be kept low.

What happens if it rains?
Almost all features operate as normal in the rain! Thunderstorms cause delays but are not necessarily grounds for cancellation & closure. We are located in a valley so oftentimes, storms pass through very quickly and allow us to resume activity accordingly. Please review our Inclement Weather Policy to be sure there are no surprises.

Do I need to bring any equipment? Am I allowed to use my own?
Helmets are required for the Zip Lines and the High Peaks Aerial Challenge Course and will be provided along with harnesses and other safety equipment. Personal harnesses will not be permitted but helmets certified by accredited agencies may be approved at manager discretion.

What activities do you have for children 6 and under?
The Cub Club Playland is designed for children 3 – 6 years old. The outdoor area includes a bounce house, inflatable slide, a Euro Bungee and playground equipment in season and a climbing wall indoors. Winter Tubing is also available for children 3 yrs old & 42” or taller in height.

Do you have a daycare or babysitting?
Bear Foot Den at Hope Lake Lodge provides child care in a nurturing, safe, and happy environment. Reservations are required. Call 800-955-2754 ext. 6473 for details and availability. Fees apply.

Are Gift Cards available?
Yes, gift cards are available in any denomination, can be purchased at any resort location & can be used at any resort location!