Zip Line Tours

Experience 4 dual line Zip Lines at The Outdoor Adventure Center for a truly memorable adventure vacation with friends or family.

High Flying Fun for the Thrill Seeker

Soar over our spectacular landscape and take in the view from approximately 60 feet above the ground. Fly at speeds over 40 miles per hour on our 1,300 foot long zip line, crossing over the Nor’Easter Mountain Coaster and gliding high above the mountain stream. Feeling competitive? Challenge your friends to a race. All our zip lines are dual.

Reservations are Required

Our guides will entertain and ensure your safety as you glide from platform to platform in the tree tops on a 120 minute (approx.) Zip Line Tour. Tours are limited to 12 participants. Visit the Rates page for daily pricing

We have 4 Dual Line Zip Lines on site!!! Scheduling a tour means you get to experience all four lines!

Blue Line - 300 ft  This is the "training wheels" to kick off your tour

Wolf Jaw - 900 ft  A longer ride over a natural apple orchard!

Northwoods Express - 500 ft Quick and speedy!

Cloud Splitter - 1300 ft Super scenic, super fun times!

Your Safety is Our Top Priority!

Instruction is provided by Zip Line guides to ensure all guests are properly trained and meet specific requirements before using our Zip Lines.

We provide all of the necessary safety equipment. You will be fitted with a seat  harness, a trolley, and a helmet. 

The equipment used on our Zip Lines is similar to rock climbing equipment but designed specifically for a zip line course.

Ride Restrictions and Safety Requirements:

  • Guests must be at least 7 years of age AND 48″ tall to ride the Zip Lines.
  • Weight requirements are 60 lbs. minimum and 270 lbs. maximum.
  • Medical restrictions are necessary because we care about you. If you are pregnant, have a heart condition, or have previous neck or back injuries, you may not use the Zip Line attraction. Also, you must have full use of your arms, legs, and hands.
  • Dress for safety! Dress comfortably with closed toed shoes, and avoid loose clothing, dangling jewelry, scarves, etc. Long hair must be tied back, and women should not wear skirts. Short shorts are not recommended either, because they are uncomfortable with the harness. We do operate in the rain, so dress for the forecasted weather conditions.
  • Before using the Zip Lines, you are required to empty your pockets. Somebody beneath you might enjoy a wallet or cell phone falling from the sky, but you might not enjoy losing them!

Customer Reviews:

Once in a lifetime experience that I would recommend to anyone! Easy to get to and the staff was awesome and made everyone feel at ease with their explicit instructions and laid back banter. Truly something that I will remember forever. Thanks for the experience.

- Mathew Willis

We decided to make a fun family trip out of driving our oldest to his first year of college at SUNY Cortland. We have never been ziplining & we found this place on the internet. We made reservations & drove up from LI to the adventure center the day before our son had to move in. I am so glad we did - we had such a great time! We took many family pictures & videos. Unfortunately, it started to thunder & lightening 1/2 way through our zip tour but we received rain checks that are good for a year. When we left our son at college the next day it was very emotional & we forgot to take a family picture in his dorm. On the way home, we were so glad to have the pictures along with the ziplining experience to remember the time we took our oldest child to college. Thank you for the memories & the adventure. We highly recommend the Adventure Center as a MUST do when you are in the Cortland area.

- Trish Maher

I can't say enough great things about my time at the Adventure Center. The crew there is the BEST. Everyone was so great to talk to and work with and learn from. ALL very professional. I was there with my two kids, 13 and 9 years old. They had the BEST time. We were VERY fortunate to have had bad weather on Thursday the day of our original tickets, and came back Friday and basically had the whole place to ourselves!! We did the zip line tour with just the three of us and the two instructors wuch really enhanced the experience. We rode the mountain coaster probably 25 times, and my son rode it 35 times or so! My daughter did the Euro Bungy twice and again the instructors there were just amazing to her. The we did the Ropes course. Since me daughter was too short to go to the second level we did hte first level twice, and again we had the whole thing to ourselves. Then one of the instructors told me he would go around with her if I wanted to take a break, so he went around with her about 5 more times! It was truly the best day EVER! I will go back there with my kids, looking forward to trying it in the Winter time. Thank You to everyone that works there, you all made this week better for me and my kids vacation.

- Andrew W. (Rochester NY)

I took my two granddaughters, ages 12 and 13, to the Adventure Center. The 13-year old was excited, but the 12-year-old was apprehensive. The 13 year old completed all three of the zip-line levels and had a fabulous time. Since the 12-y213-old was too short for the upper levels of Aerial Challenge, the staff let her make multiple circuits of the lowest level challenge course. She had an absolute ball, and actually lapped me on the challenge courses by the time she was finished. The Mountain Coasters were a big hit. The self-speed-setting feature was truly appreciated by all of us. The lines for Euro-bungee took a while to go through, but those of us who participated felt it was well worth the wait. All staff members were very professional and courteous and made doubly sure we were hooked up correctly.

- David Zasada