Euro Bungee

Impress Your Friends on the Euro Bungee Jump

Our instructors will show you how on this hybrid Bungee-Trampoline! Your Euro Bungee (Bungy) adventure begins when we fit you into a safety harness with Bungee cords on both sides. Then, you’re hoisted into the air over a super trampoline where every bounce has the potential to launch you up to 25 feet.

Now you’re ready to try some new moves! Impress your friends or family with your super jumps and flips, or invite a little competition…Up to two people can bounce at one time, individually. Either way, we’re sure that one ride will never be enough!

Greek Peak Euro Bungie

Tickets are available for individual rides, or as part of an Adventure Center Day Pass.

Your Safety Is Always Our Priority…

  • Please dress for safety. Wear closed toed shoes and do not wear loose clothing or jewelry.
  • Empty your pockets before using the Bungee jump.
  • You must be 4 years of age or older to use the Euro Bungee.
  • Weight restrictions are 40 pounds minimum, 200 pounds maximum.

Enjoy yourself!